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             The Duck, Pett Bottom


Originally two farm cottages built in the early 17th century quite when the building became a beer house is not certain but we can be sure that from at least 1857 the pub was known as The Woodman's Arms and was run by William Wilson until he transferred the licence to his son James Moses Wilson in 1881. Decades and landlords later, the "Woodman's Arms" became "The Duck Inn", possibly due to the sign above the very low doorway advising people to "duck"!


A little known fact is that from 1974 until 1981 The Duck Inn was the first pub in the UK to be awarded a Michelin Star, but because the pub symbol wasn't introduced into the Michelin Guide until 1998 it wasn't listed as a pub at all, so unfortunately missed out on all the glory. The Duck also featured in one of Delia Smith's earliest cookery books "Recipes from Country Inns & Restaurants" published in 1973.


Much better known of course is The Duck's association with Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond and where it is claimed he wrote "You Only Live Twice". Pett Bottom became the fictional home to the young James Bond when he stayed with his aunt as a child and when in "You Only Live Twice" James Bond apparently dies his boss 'M' writes an obituary for The Times in which he mentions

The Duck Inn at Pett Bottom.